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By: Molong and Lisa Nacua, house church practitioner and planter


Our mission is to honor God by establishing house churches for Jesus Christ.


For where your house is, there your church will be also.


God calls me to reach out every Filipino family through simple/house church/family like fellowships. I believe God can best reach people through ‘family households’ rather than through individuals. John the baptist was called to ‘prepare the way of the Lord’ by reconciling family relationships. And the 72 disciples were sent to the village to ‘find a house of peace.’ I believe that true revival happens first in the hearts of people living in homes where true lives really show in front of their loved ones. Just like a ‘lamp’ being put up in a table so that ‘all who are in the house’ will see the light, and from the house it goes to a community.


Christianity has been around 108 years in our country; hundreds of churches yet we’ve never turned even a city upside down. One major problem arises because it’s only clergy that have been to a seminary Bible school that can lead churches. The priesthood of all believers has not been recognized. Secondly is the way Institutional Churches support their leaders. The standard salary of a pastor is only $40 per month whether they have 1 or 5 children going to school. This idea of clergy and the financing of the worker slows down the ministry. And though in the house church movement such beliefs change automatically, but not literally, there is still some preliminary works to be done.

The House Church Movement in the Philippines is so young to stand on its own. But at least it has a good start to begin with in terms of moving toward simplicity of the church as in the days of the apostles. The following ‘tent making’ business could possibly further God’s work because it can potentially support mobile church planters to become mobile technicians roaming around doing church plantings and at the same time support their own ministry while on the field.


The business concept is an ELECTRICAL AND REPAIR SHOP. It will be a store to sell parts for any nine kinds of home appliances such as electric fans, stoves, air conditions, etc., but most of its roles are repairs. Imagine in every house there are at least 3-5 of these appliances that a family owns. What a potential then to serve them with services that offer not only a shop for them to bring their appliances to be repaired but also provide home servicing wherever they are – an unrecognizable ‘disguise’ to share the gospel while doing the job inside their very own homes.  Read on more!…Click Here Now!… 


NEUTRALIZER FOR THE NEEDY                   SEVEN BIKEs!                                             Receipts Kept

 Colostomy Child’s Name: Lloyd Siarot ,Age: 8 years old ,Address: Dump site, white Road Inayawan,Cebu City, Philippines, He was born without hole in his anus and at age 5 [two years ago],someone sponsored for his surgery to make a hole in his anus at City Hospital in Cebu.Several brethren and friends help bought the medicines. Making a hole in his anus is the first surgery.Now, as shown in the picture the boy has some plastered on his side, that’s where he spit out his dirt when he needed to.These are some of the projects started in Cebu making ham micks,repairing fans, servicing schools,making lights out of bamboo,designing BBQ soon , which will provide food for sale , any many  more small micro businesses.

100% of all proceeds go straight back into helping another family , recycled back, so please hit the donation button down below and give to these projects.


New Project sowing Hammocks

The machine is a very good one. The government skilled school training uses the same machine. They bought it in the same store and so can just call up a technician whenever there’s a problem. And they have parts in case there’s a need for replacement.











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